Step to City, a tourism-focused smart city application, is currently implemented in 7 countries and 16 cities. Through beacons, tourist attractions and tourism businesses interact with users, providing location-specific information in 12 different languages.
He has served as a software consultant for the first system in Turkey that measures the performance of civil servants. The system was used in the provinces of Ankara, Adana, and Kayseri. The developed system still forms the basis of the Performance Evaluation System currently implemented at the General Directorate of Security.
It is primarily used in Pathology and Cytology Laboratories. This year, Artificial Intelligence applications have begun to be integrated into the existing software. Very soon, the software will generate reports like a highly experienced pathologist.
It is a location-based mobile survey project. The project, which received R&D support from KOSGEB, has utilized Beacons. The purpose is to facilitate the collection of fast and accurate data. It is designed to deliver election surveys and field research to decision-makers in a meaningful way instantly.
This software provides farmers with a wealth of personalized information via mobile phones, from when to water their fields to when to fertilize. It analyzes a variety of data, from soil analysis information to on-site sensor data, to produce meaningful results.